3 Redundant Monitoring Stations

Choose Security Force Southeast, LLC to perform this critical monitoring function because we can turn on a dime, and we have the technology/infrastructure to meet activity spikes by matching staff to signals. Monitoring services are the heart and soul of the security business, so our resources, infrastructure, technology and know-how equate to a higher comfort level with added redundancy. Our highly trained staff provides our customers with fewer errors for greater peace of mind and enhanced safety. Security Force utilizes three monitoring centers located across the country and each center is UL Listed and backed up by two generators and uninterruptible power supplies. Our monitoring centers are connected. This allows us to load balance by redistributing operator resources during spikes in alarm activity. We use only the most sophisticated security monitoring technology to deliver dependable service. We partner with leading technology innovators such as AT&T®, Avaya®, UTC, Honeywell® and Verizon®. We are now in a virtual server environment, using VMware, an expensive and advanced server that gives us incredible flexibility and control. Caterpillar generators provide backup power for all of our services and have a proven track record when it comes to performing under duress.

Our Central Station's Business Affiliations: