Annual Fire Alarm Inspections

Security Force Southeast LLC Fire Alarm Monitoring, Burglar Alarm Monitoring and Security System Surveillance

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When it comes to fire alarm inspections you can count on Security Force Southeast LLC to take care of your every need and guarantee you receive your order in no time at all. We’re here to see that your entire system gets tested. Our highly trained technicians will fill out a full four page report on your fire alarm. The annual inspection includes testing 120 volt ac power, backup batteries, facp panel, nac power supply panels, pull stations, smoke detectors, heat detectors, duct detectors, horn/strobes, etc. The most important thing is that our company will keep your business in compliance with a fully functional fire alarm system. Our company keeps a complete inventory of parts to backup all of our customer’s systems.   Inspections are very important process of having a good working fire alarm system.  Without inspections how would you know if the system or any part of it would work at all.  Our technician take the time to make sure that every single device is tested.   The process.  

  1. If the fire alarm system is monitored our company will make sure that the fire alarm system is in test mode.  So the techs can activate the system without the fire trucks rolling.
  2. Then the tech will notify the building occupants and management that they will be testing the system and towards the end the horns and strobes will be activated
  3. Next the tech will test a low battery signal by unplugging the backup batteries from the fire alarm panelboard.  The tech will check with the monitoring station that the correct signal is being sent to the correct account.
  4. The batteries will be load test with our tester ensuring that the batteries will work the the required amount of time to keep the system operational during a power outage.  If any batteries fail the load test then they will be replaced while on site with customer's approval.
  5. Every fire alarm account that we have our company keeps a folder with a set of fire alarm plans and if any past fire alarm inspections.  The tech will take out the fire alarm plans and test each fire alarm device located on the premises.  The fire alarm system will be started in a silent mode and with one tech at the panel and the other tech at for example a pull station.  The tech will activate the pull station and the other tech will notice the fire alarm signal at the panel verifying that the signal is being received from the appropriate device.
  6. If any deficiencies are found there are noted on the four page report.  The system is returned to normal status then the inspector will have the property manager sign the report.  The inspection report is a 3 ply paper.  The white copy is for the building manager, the yellow copy is for our office records to be filed away for that account.  The red copy is kept at the building location for the fire department if they stop by needing a copy of inspection report.  If any device fails the inspection will be asking if that part has been repaired.
Security Force Southeast LLC Fire Alarm Monitoring, Burglar Alarm Monitoring and Security System Surveillance