Fire Alarm Repairs in Tallahassee, Quincy and Crawfordville, and surrounding areas

Who else hates a fire alarm system that is constantly beeping. We at Security Force understand your issue and have the trained technicians to solve your problem. We have the tools and knowledge to find the right repair for fire alarm system ground faults, trouble conditions, intermittent issues. Dont let a constant nagging problem go another day without contacting us.   Our company can repair any problem with a fire alarm system.  Below are a few of the must common problems  

  • Backup battery trouble on the fire alarm system.  There are a few causes for a backup battery trouble.  1. The charging circuit from the panel is non-operational.  2. The wiring from the charging circuit to the battery terminals are loose or missing.  3.  The backup batteries need replacement.  This is were our techs will test each solution to find the correct reason the fire alarm system is showing a battery trouble.
  • Phone line trouble conditions must be repaired in a time sensitive manner.  This issue may cause the system to fail to send a fire alarm signal to the monitoring station when needed, which is the whole purpose of the system.  The most common reasons are the phone jack on the fire alarm system needs repaired, the wiring connection from the phone jack to the 66 block is missing or has a loose connection.  Or the phone service is not working providing a dial tone or the required 70volts that the fire alarm panel needs to see.
  • Zone troubles can be as simple as a device being activated, missing or having a loose connection not seeing the end of line resistor.  This is why it is important to hire a competent fire alarm technician to work on your system.  Depending on the brand of fire alarm system will determine if our company can work on your particular system.  Security Force Southeast, LLC has techs that are trained to work on Honeywell, Firelite, Silent Knight, Napco, and some other brands on a case by case basis.  If you call our office at 850.575.0239 we can answer if our techs can work on your system or not.
  • Nac troubles mean that the horn or strobe in the building may be missing a notification device in the circuit.  Or it maybe a loose connection of missing an end of line resistor.  This is why it is important to have a good set of fire alarm plans that not only shows the fire alarm device locations.  But also a set of plans that show the exact wiring sequence for the notification and zones that are connected to the fire alarm system.
  • Fire alarm panel replacement are sometimes needed when the panel does not power on, or any circuit on the board is non operational.  Our company keeps a good amount of fire alarm panelboards in stock to replace within 24hours or less to keep your system running smoothly and compliant.
  • Ground faults can be the most troublesome and difficult issue to fix on a fire alarm system.  Our techs can narrow down the exact circuit that is causing the ground fault.  And in most causes find the actual reason that the system is showing a ground fault.  Please except a service call repairing this issue to take some time depending on the complexity of the system.
  • Failure to communicate can be related to the phone trouble or simply a programming mistake

Here is an example of us working on a supervisory trouble on a Firelite ES200x addressable fire alarm system.