The Story

The story behind how Security Force Southeast, LLC started. Years ago the owner John M. Mathers lived in Crawfordville, FL. He had an alarm system installed and monitored by a major well known company. One day the unfortunate happened and his property was robbed. When he got to the house that alarm system that he was paying for did not call the police department. So Mr. Mathers did some investigation and found out that the monitoring station did not receive the alarm signal. Then he realized that just before the break in, that there was a phone technician that was working on the phone line to his particular house. When that phone technician was complete the tech did not reconnect the phone connection to the alarm system. Mr. Mathers then found out that he was paying for a service that the major alarm company did not even know was working or not.

So he took it upon himself to contact Ademco (Honeywell) and purchase a burglar alarm system for his house. He spent the time in his office at Mathers Electric to learn the alarm system installation and programming. The very first alarm system was installed at his personal house. At that time he made sure that the system sent a 30 day automatic test to the monitoring station. This way he verified every month that the alarm system was working.

Every since that very first alarm system. Every customer of Security Force has been setup with automatic tests to the monitoring station. Nowadays our residential burglar alarm system are setup with a minimum 7 days test to as short as a 2-3 day test. We ensure that the alarm system is working properly. We pride ourselves on contacting customers when there maybe an issue. We do the research towards new products to offer customers. We treat the customer's property just like it is our own. First to protect people then property.

If you would like to know how we can custom design a system for you please contact us.