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Does your business need a fire alarm system designed. Call today and schedule an meeting with an estimator. Our trained employees will draw up a rough sketch and provide an estimate for a new fire alarm system. Our company will email over a detailed estimate for parts, labor, monitoring, warranty and annual inspections. Once the project is approved then our in house engineer will draw up a set of fire alarm plans for your property. This will include permits, submittals and having the fire alarm inspected for completion.   Our team takes fire alarm systems very seriously and we take the necessary steps to make sure your fire alarm project will be completed on time and correctly

Step 1.  Our estimator will walk your property and figure the amount of fire alarm devices needed for your project.  Depending on the type of business will determine the type of fire alarm system required by the local fire marshal.  If you are opening an assisted living facility where people are actually living in the space.  Each room will require smoke detection and a notification device that the fire alarm has been triggered.  Pull stations will be required by each entry/exit door to the building.  Depending on the size of hvac unit will determine if duct detector are required.  So a property that is being occupied as a living space is required to have a full fire alarm system.  Versus if you are opening a retail location that may only require a partial fire alarm system.  Meaning pull stations by the entry/exit location, a smoke above the fire alarm panel and notification throughout the building.

Step 2.  Once the requirements for the space are figured out.  The estimator will sketch a rough draft for all the device locations.  Smoke detectors must be spaced out every 15ft of each other and at least 3 ft away from hvac vents.  Pull stations must be with 6ft of the door locations.

Step 3.  The estimator will enter the labor hours and material prices into our Quickbooks software.  Once the price for the total job is figured it will be emailed over.  In the same proposal the monthly monitoring cost will be included.  So there are three prices 1. installation 2. fire alarm monitoring.  3. annual fire alarm inspections.  Please understand that all three service prices are needed to keep the system operating in good condition.  Usually in the installation price we will include a deposit or break down price with financing depending on your particular situation.  We try our best to work with all our customers to make sure that there pricing is affordable.  We understand that some customers are starting a new business and breaking up that initial installation price will help them out while starting there new business.  We want our new customers to succeed.  Because we you succeed we succeed, its a win win situation.  

Step 4.  Our estimator will email over the proposal.  We ask that you please review and ask any questions.  Once the proposal is signed.  There is a specified required deposit to begin work.  The deposit pays for the permit, fire alarm plans design and all the required submittals.  After you submit the deposit our estimator takes the notes from the initial consultation and draws up a final fire alarm set of building plans that will be submitted to the local fire marshal to receive a fire alarm permit   If you have any more questions about this process please contact our office.