Fire Alarm Prewire in Tallahassee, Quincy and Crawfordville, and surrounding areas

We are a full service shop from the initial consultation, estimating, ordering parts, scheduling the techs, prewiring the alarm system, trimming out the alarm system, and meeting with the fire alarm inspector. Finally monitoring the system and performing annual maintenance.   Prewiring a fire alarm system occurs after our company has completed the permit process and received a stamp of approval from the local fire marshal's office.  We will schedule a crew of technicians to start the prewire.  With the approved set of fire alarm building plans the crew will start with the fire alarm panel location.  Then they will install any necessary mounting boxes on the ceiling or walls for devices.  Then afterwards the appropriate wire will be installed for each device.   Wiring

  • 14/2 FPLP fire alarm wire is usually installed for the notification devices in larger building where the runs are longer and need
  • 16/2 FPLP fire alarm wire is normally installed for notification devices in smaller buildings
  • 18/2 FPLP fire alarm wire is used for the zones or points connected to the fire alarm system.
  • 18/4 FPLP maybe used for the remote annunciator located by the front entrance when the fire alarm system is located elsewhere.
  • Direct burial fire alarm cable is used underground and can be placed directly in the ground.  Although our company chooses to install pvc conduit first and pull the direct burial cable inside the pvc conduit to protect the wiring.

Here is a short video of a nail salon that we prewired.